Bowel Cancer UK

Bowel Cancer UK

15 March 2014

We have been working with Bowel Cancer UK in partnership with the NHS and other supporting organisations to develop a series of films offering support to bowel cancer patients post operation. 

Putting ourselves in the patients shoes - we wanted our approach to be sensitive of course, something pleasant to watch and easy to digest, maybe even slightly quirky and up-lifting, essentially a little non-traditional to put smiles on faces, but equally or more effective than traditional methods.   

So armed with a handful of facts, figures and key messages, our concept incorporated a unique animated visual style to communicate the clinicians advice and filmed sections of patients expeiences in a creative and memorable way.

 Using a friendly minimalist style, the animations are a combination of basic shapes and text (circles often representing cells) and telling short memorable stories for each medical statement. 

The style is instantly recognisable and compliments the Bowel Cancer UK’s brand.

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