Film and TV Production

360red offers a variety of video production services in England.

Film production companies can often refer to many different styles of films; from global Hollywood blockbusters to TV commercials production to corporate video production highlighting services and general business communication. 

Most film production services have their own uniqueness in the way their films are created, who they are created for and how their stories are told.

Fictional based films are usually aimed at wide audiences with interests in the movie experience, ie the genres and storytelling styles, actors, etc.   

On a different scale films can also be effectively used for business. For example a company brand film can represent business core values and not necessarily product or services, so this can lend itself well to a fictional story based film that creatively communicates the business’s brand and personality. 

As a film production company we produce brand films for diverse industries, including a film for global engineering firm Howden. Based on their values of revolving around the customer the emotive story focuses on the importance of relationships and being there for the customer in any situation. See the Howden brand film here.            

Promoting or communicating businesses does not necessarily mean you are restricted to video production –this can also include other media including animation production which can literally open up a world of imagination with endless possibilities and creativity.

With the unique ability to bringing messages to life through vibrant moving graphics – Animation has surpassed dull days of PowerPoint’ to become a leader in media communication and entertainment. One example is our animated film for Simple Call incorporating animated text, objects and characters to show a new way of making cheap calls abroad. See the Simple Call Animation here.                 

Being a film production company that works across media platforms, we also utilize our skills to produce dynamic TV Commercials. Although there can be some similarities when compared with brand films or corporate videos – there are some key differences when producing TV commercials including timings. A TV advert usually focussed around selling a product lasts for around 30 seconds – this means all product/ service messages need to be conveyed within this strict time period. It’s also essential to engage the viewer within the first few seconds of a TV commercial to prevent them from switching channels.       

As a TV commercials Production Company we create various types and styles of adverts for different industries and sectors from catering to ecommerce. We produced a national and European TV commercial campaign for Incorporating one of their key brand themes of ‘Mad’ we created a fun and quirky animated TV commercial to highlight the brand and product offers. It was aired on channels including ITV1, Channel5, various SKY and Freeview channels and a few key European target audiences popular with the brand.  See the TV Commercial here.                           

We pride ourselves on being one of the few creative UK film production companies that fuse creativity with business acumen to produce films that will engage and resonate with target audience  


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