360red offers a variety of video production services in England.

The 360red philosophy; connect with your target audience through compelling visual storytelling.    

We consider ourselves as communication specialists; bringing together company messages with a clear understanding of your target viewer to create engaging marketing and communications stories that resonates and builds rapport – essentially showing why you are the perfect for them.     

Whether it’s capturing viewers imagination in a few seconds with a TV Commercial or an in depth insight into your company with a corporate video - our diverse industry and production services keeps us fresh on our toes and forward thinking.

We can support you from start to finish;


  • Developing creative and message focused concepts and scripts through researching key messages, objectives and the ideal viewer.
  • Pre- Visualization Storyboards offers an effective visual indication of your film before it’s created, and also provides opportunities to make last minute changes if preferred.      


Bringing the company story to life through video or/ and animation:

  • Creative video production can include a fully tailored crew, cast (if required) facilities, locations, overall production management and other bespoke elements to suit ideas and resources.  
  • Animation Production As a promotional tool animation is one of the most versatile and unique forms of visual marketing giving endless creative freedom and bringing ideas to life. This can include a specific or a combination of styles; 2d, 3d, motion graphics, visual effects –usually determined by the brand message and the viewer.     

Post- Production:

  • Editing shots together with audio to create the final film or TV production

Video Marketing:

  • Once your promotional video or animation has been produced – we can develop a bespoke campaign to ensure your ideal target viewer, ie; customer/ employee, etc views the film.