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360red offers a variety of video production services in England.

During the past 10-15 years animation production has leapt from the screens of Hollywood into business boardrooms and presentations. The reason for this is that over recent years animation has become popular as a highly dynamic, engaging and flexible tool for communication; from smart phone applications to YouTube videos - animation has truly become an integrated part of daily life.    

Companies of any size can benefit from animation – its flexibility allows it to be adapted for many platforms, with some uses including: Short promotional films to introduce businesses for online and social media marketing campaign, a vibrant and engaging instructional training video to help employees learn and absorb new skills or a wide reaching TV commercial campaign to promote products and services.        

We at 360red are an animation company that specialises in video animation services and creates different types of animation for different industries and platforms. Essentially we look what a brand wants to say, who they want to say it to and then develop ideas to best compliment messages, the company itself that will strike a chord with their target audience.    

The process

The process of producing an animation is very much strategic as it is creative, something pretty with flying colourful objects may look nice but will it actually work? How many times has an expensive Hollywood movie not performed well at cinemas because of a poor story or real thought?                

The foundation to any successful production whether it be film or animation is the concept which defines the aims, objectives, goals, detailed insights into the desired key messages and a clear understating of the target viewer. We place a priority on these areas when developing strategic based concepts and treatments. 

Parallel to this is the style of animation; as with graphic design there are an infinite number of styles available that can be brought to life through animation. The look and feel of an animation be inspired by the brand, ie; colours, mood and tone, or be tailored to suit the key messages and overall communication.             

Once ideas are approved our animation services include the production of a storyboard to show clients how the animation will look shot by shot –this is the clearest indication of their film before production starts and where last minute amends can take place. Essentially the storyboard helps the client and production team stay on track and on the same page just before the physical production.         

Like any team based project the animation production process is segmented into individual tasks and assigned to a relevant member of the production team. The size of the project will dictate the team size – a small project will only require a small skeleton team where as a larger challenging project would include a bespoke animation team; some would include Designers, Animators with specific roles, Producer, Director, Art Director, Copywriter, etc.

Working with multiple high quality graphics simultaneously requires sufficient hardware to suit so all animations are produced on custom built production machines for speed, efficiency, reliability and security. (Including backup facilities or safety)



The Cost of an animation depends on the size of the project; the idea, style and complexity which defines how long it will take to produce.  For example a simple animation with moving text would be very straightforward compared to an animation with multiple detailed objects or characters with complex movements.  The beauty of animation is its flexibility, there are lots of ways to tell the same story or deliver the same message – and being an animation production company we assist clients with all aspects of the production process from initial concepts and styles to delivery to ensure all requirements are met including budget.     

There are 2 main types of animation that an animation company can provide; variations of 2d animation and 3d animation; both can be utilized in most scenarios and is often seen in TV advertising and business promotion - however each of them has their individual strengths.

3d animation production services are the closest form of animation to real life, apart from having a unique look and feel 3d has the ability to create complex real looking objects, characters and environments and has complete freedom of rotating around or looking through them.  This makes 3d ideal for character based stories, or product demonstrations ie; seeing the insides of how they work or realistic looking animation that cannot be achieved with video.             

Example:  View here

2d animation production services are the next evolutionary step to graphic design and illustration; traditionally this is seen in children’s cartoons and in recent years more in TV commercials and video animation services for business. Once a design is created 2d has the ability to make any image come to life, so objects, characters can be animated to the exact design specification – ideal for corporate branding. It can also offer a cost effective alternative to potentially time consuming 3d animation production (depending on requirements).  

2d Animation is also often seen as a cure for dull or uninspiring PowerPoint so is also ideal for presenting information –either for meetings, conferences, events, promotional messages or internal communications         

Example: Seminis View here

Taking this a step further animation styles combined –integrating both 2d and 3d animation, photo and even video within the same visuals. This is often seen as dynamic ways to emphasize key communication and engage the viewer into the product, service or message. Being a video animation company we have the capability to creatively combine multimedia styles.            

Example: View here

Example: Simple Call View here

Example: Joy Marsden View here


View our work highlights reel that shows off our work as an animation company View here


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