2d Animation Production Company

360red offers a variety of video production services in UK.

We specialise in many forms of animation styles, and our experience leans us more towards being a 2D animation production company. 2D animation offers a wealth of diversity in terms of style, techniques and application, each style has its own visual character and can be adapted to specific companies or projects.

Our experience with 2D or as it’s also commonly known as motion graphics have seen us work in many different industries and sectors from charity organisations including Bowel Cancer UK and food manufacturers Seminis to blue chip utility brands including British Gas.

We utilize 2D animation in many forms, but essentially as fully animated videos or combining animation with video. Our techniques give the impression of animation being part of live action video scenes, often seen in big budget movies and TV. This unique and dynamic combination adds visual impact to key messages.

Some of our effective examples of combining animation with video include:

Joy Marsden Training: A re-brand multimedia marketing film

JK Lasers: A sales presentation and trade show video

We use our experience and passion for producing animated TV Commercials to create 2d animated content that is just as creative and focussed for the business world; including marketing videos, sales presentations, user guides and general corporate communications.

Being a 2d Animation Company allows us the creative freedom to bring company communications to life – whilst engaging the viewer (consumer or employee) to listen, learn or buy.

To find out how we can help you to engage your target audience with 2d Animation get in touch