3D Animation Services

360red offers a variety of video production services in UK.

When 360Red first opened its doors - one of our core services was 3D animation, it’s the same today

– we love it.

The attraction of 3D is having the ability to see past a flat 2D space, an enhanced real world perspective that not only offers views around an object - which we can all do but - also inside it, flying over it. For example:

  • Bringing characters or inanimate object to life
  • Explaining how the human body works
  • Showing a Health and Safety scenario without re-creating a dangerous situation
  • A virtual tour of a city or building before its been built

In recent years 3d has evolved to compliment other media platforms including various forms of 2D Animation and Video, from a cartoon look & feel to photo realistic objects that combine with film.

Being a 3D animation Production Company - we see 3D as a powerful communications vehicle, its flexibility and adaptability gives us the freedom to come up with creative & standout ideas for clients without any limitations or compromises.

We use 3D as a standalone style and also part of multimedia productions.

Some samples include:

Madbid.com: A TV Commercial that seamlessly combines 2d and 3d animation

Simple Call: A user guide animation that also seamlessly combines 2d and 3d animation

Tip: One way of seeing if an animation contains 3d is to look at the object or character and see if it rotates rather than staying flat image.

To find out how we can help you to engage your target audience with 3d animation services get in touch