Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production is a unique method of communicating bespoke messages through moving image, a powerful tool to bring information to life.

Where traditional methods such as reading stacks of information or sitting through dull PowerPoint presentations have often failed to deliver – Corporate video production has the ability to break down complex messages into bite size information, delivering messages in a fraction of time so when compared to traditional methods – communicating through Corporate video of the same subject can by far be more engaging, informative and memorable.

There are lots of ways of telling the same story and depending on the subject, mood and tone; a corporate video can be produced using different media, apart from Video Production - Animated Videos can literally bring key messages to life and add another level of engagement to the viewer.

A combination of both video with integrated animation can offer a real dynamic communication tool often seen on TV advertising and film.                     

Corporate videos can be utilized in a variety ways and aimed at many target audiences; some include promotional videos that highlight a company background and services; often used for marketing and awareness campaigns across various platforms including online and social media or at events.

An example of this is our marketing video for University of Warwick 

A variation of this can also include short emotive stories (brand films) to represent brand values – what the company represents and stands for rather than promoting actual products. An example of this is global brand film for Howden

Another important use of Corporate Video production is internal communications. Large organisations have many departments - each with their own functions and all playing an important role in the company’s success. Communication between departments, teams and individuals is crucial and video can act as a bridge to ensure vital information is communicated throughout the business in a consistent and memorable way. This can include highlighting company success and performance, promoting internal initiatives, celebrating milestones. 

One of the most important areas for internal communication based video is helping the continuous development of employees - improving their skills and efficiency through Training Videos.

To ensure these resonate with the target employee our training videos take key learning & development messages and produce creative concepts for employees to absorb maximum information. This can range from highlighting facts and figures with animation or filmed scenarios with actors demonstrating correct/ incorrect methods (Animation can also be integrated here)

Depending on the brand training videos can often take a humorous tone as a way to engage with the employee and help them remember information.               

An example of this is our work for British Gas

We provide a full production service and can offer support from the start to finish:

Concepts/ Research, Scripts: We work with you to develop the best possible concept to resonate with your target audience – original, thought provoking, memorable and complimentary to the brand.   

Storyboards: Once ideas have been approved we map out shots with images and descriptions so the client has a clear idea of what to expect before the shoot.   

Casting and Locations: Depending on requirements we also provide experienced actors options through a casting process. We can also provide bespoke interior and exterior locations (with filming permissions) and sets and props to enhance the creativity and believability of the subject.   

Delivery: Depending on requirements we will provide a film crew with tailored shoot equipment to ensure all shots are effectively and artistically captured.   

We then edit all shots with options for Animation, Voiceover, Music and delivery the final video in preferred formats.             

Essentially we are communication specialists and work in many industries and sectors; our diversity is our strength and keeps us fresh and forward thinking for our clients. We aim to think from your target viewer’s perspective; why should they care or even listen. By analysing and understanding what make them tick, we show why you are a perfect fit for them. 

Our head office is located in the heart of the midlands creative district; Leicester which gives us convenient links to London and the north. We have a national client base and cover the full UK with clients located from Glasgow to London and Southampton.      

With a proven track record for award winning Corporate Video Production - 360red will support you to deliver successful results.  


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Some of our Corporate Videos include:

Brand Films
Events Films
Marketing/ Awareness/ Promotional Films
Training Videos
Internal Communications
Product Demo Videos