Promotional Video Production

360red offers a variety of video production services in England.

There are lots of ways of promoting a product or service, and one of the most effective ways of demonstrating or communicating this is through Promotional Video Production. 

With a promo video the viewer has the opportunity to experience a new product or be guided through a new business process; video (if done well) has the unique ability to break down complex information into engaging bite size messages that informs and resonates with the target audience.  

A short video has the versatility to be implemented into various brand awareness and communications campaigns; from events/ trade shows to social media and mobile marketing strategies – and can be viewed from virtually anywhere in the world.       

Out team includes Directors, producers, writers, editors who use their years of experience in marketing and advertising and TV to create productions that connect with the target viewer on an emotive and informative level.      

We provide full production services and management from initial concept and script development, storyboards, casting to filming (with bespoke crew), animation, editing, and sound design all delivered on budget and on time.    

As a Promotional Video Company we at 360red operate across numerous media channels and categories –creating various forms of business focussed videos at different levels for an eclectic mix of clients and industries.

With a creative combination of film and animation - 360red video styles include:

  • Marketing Videos: or a Corporate Video is usually highlights key areas of the business including History, Products & Services, USP’s, Clients, Achievements & Ambitions, amongst others.
  • Brand films: Focuses on what the company represents – a reflection of brand values, and not necessarily promoting physical items, the company ethos and core beliefs.  A rand film can aim’s to develop an emotive rapport and relationship with its target viewer     
  • Testimonial films show clients talking about their positive experiences with the company     
  • Product demonstrations: In situations where a physical product cannot be shown or an internal view is needed to show intricate inner working parts – a product video will clearly demonstrate every areas of the product from looks to working parts.      
  • Explainer Videos: As the name suggests – this style is usually a creative perspective on instructional user guides, simplifying large complex messages into short memorable ones. Promotional messages can also be integrated for combined targeting.        
  • Presenter Films: Applications of this style of video can vary to include packaging a promotional video, guiding an employee through a training process, or be a full presenter led creative promo.