Corporate Training Video Production

360red offers a variety of video production services in UK.

Seeing that ring bound training booklet land on your desk or opening that never ending ‘need to know’ PDF has probably sapped a little of your will to live.

A knowledgeable and efficient employee is the lifeblood of any successful business so learning in the right way is crucial. One of the most effective ways to communicate learning and development messages is through Corporate Training Video production.

360red Corporate Training Videos are not only designed to convey relevant information, but bring the information to life in a way that will resonate with the target viewer.

Our experience in marketing and TV advertising gives us an edge; with the ability to engage a viewer within a few seconds for a TV Commercial or a brand film enables us the creativity to drive important information in a short and memorable way – this sets us apart.

Depending on content - there are many visual styles that can adapt to an educational film, some directions we have worked with include:

  • Interactive training film programs that work with trainers
  • Videos with people acting out specific work related scenarios to learn new /improve skills and performance. 
  • Animations with characters highlighting health and safety dangers, or showing a colleague or customer how a new smart phone App works

A combination of animation interacting with video ie; actors with interactive graphics Depending on the subject - mood and tone can also be adapted ie; a serious or light hearted feel to emphasize key content.  Whatever the media - we will ensure key messages are visually dynamic for the viewer to absorb maximum information.

We can work with you from day 1 focussing on:

  • Understanding the key learning objectives; messages & outcomes
  • Who the target audience is; ie; employee, customer, supplier and what makes them tick
  • Then develop a bespoke production that best delivers these messages in a crystal clear memorable way. 

Training Video Samples: