Video Marketing

360red offers a variety of video production services in the UK.

You have a great video now that represents your company brand; that talks to and engages with your ideal customer and target audience.

How do you get the video seen by the right person - and lots of them?

To complement our full production offerings – 360red Video Marketing has been designed to drive targeted and measureable traffic to gain maximum exposure for your video. Essentially building relationships your ideal customer and showing them why you are the perfect fit for them.

This focuses on:

  • Directing targeted traffic to our client’s films.
  • Tracking behaviours, Stats.  
  • Target audience research: ie; demographic, interests, habits, etc - essential for our concept development process as well as identifying the ideal customer for awareness campaigns.
  • Optimised Social Media Video Channels (branded) & managed if required.

The combination of our Video & Animation services with Video Marketing can provide a powerful and effective production strategy.

With 360red - your voice is distinct, your image unforgettable and your messages – crystal clear.

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