Biker Down CPR Awareness


Leicestershire Fire & Rescue


Full Production: Concepts, Ideas Design, Filming, Direction, Editing, Colour Grade, and Production Management.


Cardiac Arrest Awareness Documentary

The Brief: Produce a marketing and awareness film to promote Leicestershire Fires & Rescue’s ‘Biker Down’ course, aimed specifically at the biking community. 

The film’s aim is to re-tell the real life event of ‘Dave’ a biking enthusiast, who suffered a cardiac arrest whilst riding his motorbike on a racetrack.

The Challenge: The event had many eyewitnesses who assisted Dave and wanted to re-tell their stories, so the challenge was to turn several perspectives into one short, powerful story. 

The Results:  We created a docu-drama style film that combines several eyewitness accounts of what happened on the day, including how Dave was ultimately saved by techniques learned on the Biker Down course.

The statements are also complimented with reconstruction shots of Dave’s accident and the events that followed to save him. The unique element is that all participants in the re-construction were the actual people who were involved in the event, including Dave.

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have done on the BikerDown campaign. The video has gone down really well and was played daily at the NEC Motorcycle Live show as well as being shared by fire and rescue services across the country. Communications, Leicestershire Fire & Rescue


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