Cardiac Arrest Awareness Film


Warwick Medical School


Full Production: Ideas Design, Actor Casting, Locations Scouting & Permissions, Filming, Direction, Editing, Colour Grade, Language Translations, Production Management


Promotion Awareness

The Brief: Create a powerful video for Warwick Medical School and Kings College London to raise people’s awareness about cardiac arrest and bystander resuscitation. 

Aimed initially at minority communities focussing on Christian, Sikh and Muslim faiths (aged 18-65 approx.) the film should include faith related imagery to help messages resonate further target audiences.

The Challenge: Whilst appealing to wide and diverse audiences, the film also needed to have clear and universally appealing message of learning basic first aid to help others in a medical emergency.

The Results: A short everyday story that follows a character walking through shops, he suffers a cardiac arrest witnessed by bystanders who attempt to save his life.       

The film includes actors specifically cast to represent the target communities, and working with Leicester City Council and faith leaders, we secured multiple filming locations that resonate with viewers.

As part of on going social media campaigns to raise awareness of CPR knowledge in communities, we have also translated the film into several languages so far, for an overall wider reach.   


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