Vehicle Security Product Demos


Global Telemetrics


Full Production: Concepts Design, Filming, Direction, Animation, Effects, Audio, Edit, Colour Grade, Production Management


Training Demo Videos

The Brief: Global Telemetrics tasked us with producing a series of guide films to help communicate their vehicle security products to their customers.

The Challenge: Ensuring films are easy to follow and memorable to a wide target audience of vehicle owners  (25-65 year approx.)

The Results:

Video 01: D-ID Video (Above) is shown through everyday scenarios, in this case making a sandwich at home. Focussing on 2 different scenarios, the video runs what do when important security alerts appear on phones. View Short Version

Video 02: NTNS: No Tag No start explains how the Global Telemetrics immobilizer (iMob) works and guide viewers through the processes involved. Please View here


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