H2 Lite Promo


Collingwood Lighting


Shoot, Direction, Graphics, Edit, Audio Casting & Language Translation


Product Promotion Video

Collingwood Lighting design and manufacture high quality LED lighting products from discreet spotlights to creating lighting for gardens driveways and public spaces, targeted businesses and residential markets.

The Brief: As part of an online and social media marketing campaign- create a promotional video to highlight Collingwood’s new lighting product; The H2 Lite.      

The Challenge: Create a working environment feel whilst promoting the product and brand using the product, a work station and the Chief Engineer and CEO as presenter.    

The Process:

  • We converted an everyday workstation (used as part of the actual production process) into a workshop style set with props. 
  • Built an additional small studio within this space to gain creative product shots
  • Supported the CEO in delivering his lines in an effective and natural way       

The Results: A short engaging video that communicates all essential product features. We have also translated the film into French for their offices in France.       

 “360red not only made the video creation process fast and enjoyable – but they also produced a high-quality, professional video that conveyed our brand perfectly. Within a week we’ve received almost 20,000 Facebook views, and counting!”           Marketing Director: Collingwood Lighting  


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