Revolving around you - Brand Film




Full production: Design, Direction, Casting, Sets, Shoot, Edit, Effects


Brand Film

As part of a global re-brand – design & engineering firm Howden wanted a film to represent their brand values ‘revolving around you’  with a focus on the importance of relationships. 

The short film focuses on a typical day and scenario at Howden; a customer encounters a problem and asks Howden to help solve it while he is on leave.    

The film follows two parallel stories;

  • Howden Customer ‘James’ spends a day off with this family  
  • Howden manager ‘Andy’ works with his team to solve the problem    

The film’s message is simple; Howden will revolve around the customer in any scenario. Aimed at an industry audience - the film is shown at trade shows, sales pitches and online marketing.

Reaction:  Having been viewed at Howden offices around the world the film has been described as ‘an exciting and radical transformation of the company brand’  


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