Cyber Crime -Brand Awareness


Jelf Insurance Brokers


Full Production: Concept, Design, Direction, Animation, Edit, Audio


Marketing/ Awareness Animation

Award Winning Insurance Brokers Jelf came to us to promote various services they provide spread across their 37 offices, the first looking on the dangers of cyber crime. 

The concept focuses the constant digital and real world threat of cyber crime. The animation combines a mixture of computer based pixel/geometric shapes, abstract patterns and illustrations to highlight the diverse range of cyber risks.         

With online technology fully integrated into everyday life - the film’s message shows cyber crime as a very real threat to business that can have catastrophic consequences without the necessary protection in place.

“Working on this piece has helped us to take a fresh look at the rules surrounding traditional insurance content. It’s been incredibly well received by our sales force and our partners.”

Marketing & Communications -Jelf Insurance Brokers        


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