Naanster Taster Video


Jake & Nayns


Promotional Video


Content production: Design, Direction, Filming, Edit,

The Brief: Jake & Nayn’s wanted to showcase their new street food product - the ‘Naanster’ with a short taster video capturing people’s reactions at tasting the product.     

The Challenge: Food is emotive so it was important to capture people’s genuine emotions and reactions when tasting the Naanster, with an urban and contemporary mood and tone to compliment the street food theme.

The Process: We’ve created a series of mini tasting sequences along with urban location shots to enhance the street food vibe. The end features a short ingredients sequence video as an insight to what goes into a Naanster.        

The Results: The video has achieved 38k hits within 10 days of going online, showing just how tasty the Naanster is! 


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