Health & Safety Training




Full Production: Concept, Co-Script, Direction, Art Direction, Design, Animation, Edit, Audio Casting


Health & Safety Training Video

Established in 1907 The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) objectives include promoting the craft of memorial masonry, and maintaining high standards in all matters relating to natural stone memorials.    

The Brief: As part of an official qualification - create a memorable training video for staff showing legally safe methods of handling, lifting and installing stone memorials.

The Challenge: The theme of memorials can often be downbeat so NAMM asked for humorous and informative learning and employee development tool.

The Process: The animation centres round a fictitious NAMM employee called ‘Sam’ and a narrator, who together take the employee through various processes and possible mishaps – humorously demonstrated by Sam.        

The Results: The video is now an official part of the NAMM accreditation, helping their employees stay safe, efficient and professional. 

‘We worked closely with 360red who both suggested design concepts and managed to work around the limits of our industry requirements. The end results were a quality product which more than exceeded the initial brief.’  Executive Marketing Officer - NAMM 



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