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Warwickshire College Group (WCG)


Full Production: Concept, Co script, Film Shoot, Direction, Design, Animation, Post Production,


Marketing Video Advert

Warwickshire College Group are an acclaimed group of 5 colleges with students from around the UK and overseas, and one of only a few in the UK where a university level degree can be obtained. Courses are designed in partnership with employers to best reflect the constant evolving needs of Industry.        

The Brief: As part of their ‘Building your Future’ campaign, WCG tasked us to produce an informative and eye catching promotional film to tackle the skills shortages, misconceptions within careers in construction. The film should motivate and inspire a wide target audience from young 13+ year olds (Male & Female) to parents and to industry leaders.    

The Challenge: To change people's perceptions of careers in construction; ie; a common stereotype is that industry is about hard hats and muddy boot trades such as bricklaying; the reality is that construction also offers many high level technical and managerial roles and opportunities.

The film’s overall aim is to create awareness and interest with viewers - to find out more about the choices that construction careers can offer.

The Process: We consciously avoided the tradional corporate video route; ie capturing people working at desks in favour of a more emotive and dynamic approach. With the help of WCG students and tutors; we filmed each character with expressions incuding; thinking, contemplating, inspired (about their careers choices in construction) against various location backdrops. All characters narrated their scenes only (No talking on camera), this helped to enhance facial expressions and emotions, but also allows the film to be translated into different  languages for overseas campaigns.     

To creativity push messages further - we integrated CAD (Computer Aided Design) and technical drawing style animation as references to careers within Architecture & Surveying.    

 The results: A highly verstatile and creative film that forms part of WCG's national Social Media Marketing and recruitment drive campaigns throughout the UK and overseas.     

“360red are creative, reliable and easy to work with; they listened to us and Instead of staying within a comfort zone- they are prepared to push beyond the traditional in order to create a unique product which is bespoke to the needs of their clients.” WCG Construction


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